Aneel Nazareth

1310 Crestwood Rd, Austin TX
(415) 425-1861

Recent Experience

RetailMeNot Austin TX, March 2014-Present

Led RetailMeNot's Core Business Algorithms team

Keywords: Python, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, AWS, MySQL, PHP

Software Development

Production Support

Mentorship & Recruiting

Independent Software Development 2009-2014

Designed, coded, and released iOS and MacOS X applications

Keywords: Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, iOS, Core Data, MacOS X

Barbell Bulder iPhone app

Identity MacOS X app

Selected Other Experience San Francisco CA, 2005-2009

Created backend for multiplayer gaming and chat. Games included poker, billiards, and real-time 3D naval combat.

Keywords: Java, Python, Networking, Service Discovery Streaming Operations San Francisco CA, 1999-2000, 2002-2004

Developed server software for Internet radio. Managed large cluster of servers. Created system for service monitoring.

Keywords: Java, Perl, Streaming Music, RRD, System Administration, Linux, Solaris

MIT Campus Wide Information Systems Cambridge MA, 1996-1997

Created first web campus map of MIT. Maintained the official MIT web pages.

Keywords: Perl, CGI, Mapping


Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge MA, 1994-1998

Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with Computer Science (18C)

Work/Life Balance

Geometric Art

Using Processing to project animations on the surface of a purpose-built geodesic dome. Github. Instructables.


47 Countries, 43 States, 10,000mi by car from London to Mongolia, 30,000mi by motorcycle around the US, Canada, and Mexico. Interest in mapping, data collection, and location technologies.