Aneel Nazareth

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I am Aneel Nazareth, Death to my friends. I am a senior at MIT, majoring in Course 18C (Mathematics with Computer Science), and have taken a variety of subjects.

I live at TEP, which some would call a fraternity. We have a vacuum cleaner.

Last summer I worked at Chromatic Research, programming on the MPact chipset. Definitely one of the most interesting instruction sets I've had a chance to work with.

During the term last year, I had a job at MIT Campus-Wide Information Systems, the part of IS responsible for MIT's Web presence. My major project was the graphics back end for the interactive Campus Map. Before that I had a UROP at the AI Lab that had to do with displaying mathetmatical information. I had another UROP at MIT's Fabled Media Lab, but it's broken right now.

I'm currently looking for a summer job, ideally one that isn't web-intensive, here's the obligatory resume.

I have some CDs. And some usage staistics for my old home page (yes, I'm keeping them for the new one, but I haven't bothered writing a script to process them yet). I can't imagine why you'd be interested in either, but I can't imagine why you've gotten this far either. In fact, not even I am interested, so I haven't updated these pages in ages.

I don't have much free time, but I waste it on some of these things: the Assassin's Guild (Games I have played), Infocom Games, Painting Dumb Miniatures (I've got a set of Space Hulk, a Tyranid army for 40K, and an Undead team for Blood Bowl), messing around with my PowerMac Clone, playing Guardian Heroes, and writing pointless web pages. Ooo! My First Browser Plug-in (TM).

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This page has not been updated in years. It exists for historical curiosity only. You have been warned.